Affiliates Marketing Club


There is a real challenge facing anyone who hasn’t got any joint venture partners, affiliates, or is even struggling to get people to link or email for them.

Lots of information is out there about the advantages of promoting affiliate products in return for sales commissions, especially in terms of how you can make big money, passive income, and so on, but few people talk about it from the product owner or marketers side.

The fact is, without affiliate marketing, it is 100 times harder to have a big launch, promote or sell your product.

It is far more achievable when you have access to the assistance and list of other marketers with similar goals in mind as yourself.

That’s not to say that is will still be easy, you still have to promote your product. We see A-listers promote each other and wonder if we could somehow find out the secret password, handshake, or whatever it takes to get into that club.

This is one case where it is unlikely you will get what you want just by asking.

First we need to define what we are talking about, and why you would even want to join the marketing club?

  • Friends will do each other favours. They will link to you just because they think you are awesome … maybe?
  • Affiliates will recommend, link or promote in return for a sales commission (some people build their whole business around this income).
  • Partners will want a commission in return for linking and emailing, and also will likely want you to return the favour.
  • Business partners want a percentage of the business, not just a sales commission.

In each case there is a trade-off. There are financial as well as relationship concerns, plus if you don’t want to give up ownership or feel obligated, you might want to hire people instead of partnering. But there are lots of advantages to.

Here we simply ask that you promote the affiliates marketing club link and in return we promote your website url or affiliates url link. All for a low monthly membership fee.